About Us


Farm Box is a grass-roots food initiative that sprung up out of a desire to eat well & live well in the Bow Valley. Farm Box is a community program, an online market, and a home delivery service. We are your local food hub and a catalyst for a  sustainable regional food system.


We must eat well to be well & live well. What does it mean to eat well?It means to nourish our bodies with food free of chemicals and toxins but rich with vitamins and nutrients, grown in a way that also nourishes the earth by building soil, and nourishes our community by supporting our local producers.


We are a passionate, dedicated crew of foodies & farmers, box packers & delivery drivers, blog writers & recipe testers, online store managers and market maestros.

We call the mountains home and like you, our food fuels our adventures.

We are organic.

Our produce is almost always Certified Organic, though we also work with local greenhouses that are herbicide & pesticide free. Some of our BC organic farmers choose to be certified by small provincial bodies that are not recognized inter-provincially. We consider chemical-free agriculture to be the first essential building block to a sustainable food system.

We choose local first.

We like to high-five our farmers and that’s a lot easier when they’re within a few hours’ drive. We have worked with many of our farmers in AB and BC for years and have spent time building our relationships, often visiting and when we can, harvesting and planting alongside them! Local to us in the Bow Valley means Alberta & BC.

We say No-Thanks for Big Agro.

We make an effort to source from only small-to-medium scale farmers to support local food sovereignty and independent farmers.

We support local chefs and artisans.

Eating locally goes beyond farming and so we honour those making delicious, organic products by stocking the Online Market with grocery items made right here in the Bow Valley.

We celebrate seasonality.

The inclusion of tropical and exotic produce when they are in season elsewhere is a means of staying connected to seasonal farming while also satisfying our craving for nutrients during the barren Canadian winters!

We are serious about Fair Trade.

It’s about more than organic, our food is also about people and communities. We will not supply certain fruits and veggies unless we can get them from a Fair Trade certified farm or we have direct-trade with grower co-ops.

We’re taking a stance on bananas.

Bananas are a mess of social and economic injustices, so we leave them out.


Alpine Edible Schoolyards is a not-for-profit initiative that combines urban farming and school gardens into an opportunity for hands-on learning and local food production. Students from schools throughout the Bow Valley participate in two active urban farms.

Both students and teachers work with farming mentors to guide them through the world of plants and support the integration of gardens and food into curriculum. At the same time, these outdoor learning spaces provide a source of local, organic food for our communities. In the summer months, surplus greens are sold at market and appear in our Farm Boxes, supporting the maintenance of the garden and school programming.